Elder cohousing

Most elderly people don’t want to leave their homes, but can eventually find that they do not meet their needs and become increasingly difficult to maintain. Old age can sometimes also result in a feeling of isolation and reduced engagement in community life.

Elder cohousing seeks to address these issues through providing high quality accommodation and shared communal facilities. It allows a group of elders to live as independently as possible but in a mutually supportive community with like-minded people around them.

“Studies assessing the success of cohousing find that, where older individuals are concerned, the outcomes of living in cohousing can be an enhanced sense of well-being, reduction of loneliness and isolation, continued activity and engagement, the possibility of staying healthier for longer and, finally, continued personal autonomy
and independence
” (Brenton, 2010).

The following link provides an article that explains this in much greater detail, along with a list of useful references.  Click here to find out more.

Our aims

  • to enable a group of older people, who might otherwise end up in care homes, nursing homes or living alone, to ‘age in place’ together to the end of their days, with companionship and mutual support, and with all necessary services such as maintenance, gardening, cleaning and elder care provided on-site where needed.
  • to have  private dwellings plus a common  house where  members can go when and if they feel like company.
  • to create a sustainable, self-reliant community that lives lightly on the land, shares resources and gives back to the local economy.

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